Volunteer Spotlight: Radha Kindler


What happens in your section? 
I run the childcare section at Project Homeless Connect, which means that any participant who has children with them can comfortably take care of the things they need without having to worry about the well-being of their kids.  Not only that, but the kids get a warm, loving, fun environment to play in for the day.  Many of these children may not have the opportunity to just play and have fun on a daily basis.  I do the best I can to provide that opportunity for them, with plenty of hugs and giggles to boot.


How did you get involved with PHC & what keeps you returning to every event? 
I got involved with PHC when a good friend (also a lead volunteer in a different area) put out a blast on Facebook for the need for someone with Early Childhood Education units to come to the next event. At the event, I realized that although there were several fabulous volunteers in the space, I was the only one with experience in a preschool environment. I knew right away that I needed to be permanently involved. I had tons of ideas for the area, too! What keeps me coming back is the children and the looks on their faces when they are in the child care area. They are so sweet and innocent and deserve to be spoiled, and I am more than happy to do it.


What would you want someone who is considering volunteering to know about PHC? 
If you are considering volunteering, do it!  It’s only one day, 8 short hours.  But in that time, so many people will benefit from your help and it will make your heart feel good. It’s kind of a ‘no brainer’.


What was your proudest/happiest moment at a PHC event?
I would have to say the best part of each event (aside from getting to play all day) is when the parents or guardians come back to pick up their children.  The grown-ups always have the nicest things to say and the children always have the biggest hugs to give.  

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