LGBTQ Connect Results


LGBTQ Connect Sponsored by Blue Shield of California

In the weeks leading up to each event, the PHC team goes into overdrive. Each day at the office becomes a blur of planning meetings, coordinating phone calls, and last minute additions. We work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is in place by the time the volunteers arrive on the morning of the event. When the event space fills with volunteers and participants begin streaming in the doors, all of the accumulated stress and anticipation melts away, because we can finally see the fruits of our labor. Watching the hundreds of volunteers, we feel the strength of our community effort which continues to humble us and make our hard work worthwhile.

Last month’s event, LGBTQ Connect sponsored by Blue Shield of California, was a particularly joyous event because everyone, volunteers and service providers alike, came with the spirit of service. This helped us ensure that those who needed help got what they came for. This was Blue Shield’s first time sponsoring the LGBTQ Connect event, although they have partnered with PHC since 2005. Like PHC, Blue Shield is dedicated to helping the vulnerable and is committed to serving those who are in need. Our collaboration enabled us to serve individuals who have often felt rejected and isolated, in a safe space within a community that believes that everyone has value.Blue Shield is committed to helping build up the community of San Francisco through service with PHC. This is evidenced by not only the quantity but also the quality of Blue Shield volunteers at our events. At the end of LGBTQ Connect, after serving hundreds of participants, Blue Shield volunteers were still going strong– they worked tirelessly to clean and pack up and stayed until the job was done.

Together, we can do so much more than what the PHC staff can do alone. Thank to you all who made this day successful. Thank you Blue Shield of California, for supporting and being a part of the PHC community.
PHC 56 Results
Total number of client visits: 319
Total number of volunteers: 163
93 Benefits (CAAP & SSI)
60 California State IDs 
45 Dental Procedures 
41 Employment Visits
49 Eye Exams
3,000 Groceries from Food Bank (in lbs)
66 Flu Shots
65 Haircuts 
8 Hearing Tests
17 HIV/STI Testing 
32 Legal Support
140 Lunches Served
32 Massage Therapy 
31 Medical Appointments
17 Mental Health
20 Needle Exchange
31, 105 Prescription Glasses, Reading Glasses
43 Safer Sex Education & Supplies
50 Shelter & Housing Applications
5 Veterans Services
5 Wheelchair & Walker Repairs

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