Get Involved!

Giving your time

The success of Project Homeless Connect is linked to the ongoing dedication of its volunteers.  At each event, more than 1,000 individuals from every sector of the Bay Area work together to provide efficient and compassionate service to those in need. In fact, volunteers lead and manage most service areas. The common goal is to provide relevant and accessible onsite services for participants while creating a valuable experience for all volunteers.

If you’re interested in volunteering or want to learn more, please visit our website and explore PHC’s current volunteer needs.

Making a Donation

Don’t have time to volunteer? Consider making a monetary donation. 100% of donations go directly to participant needs, which includes things like dental work, medical services, and hygiene items. Donate online

Other Ways to Get Involved

Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to see the Need of the Day.  Each day, we post about specific client needs, whether it be a microwave, a jacket, or a pair of shoes. New and gently used items are welcome!


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